Saturday, June 23, 2007

Word to Sabes.....Sign Omar

Word to Brian Sabean, Sign Omar Visquel to play the rest of his career in orange and black. He has done nothing except make his presence felt and his attitude is a glowing positive. The man's effort can never be questioned and his ability to field his position is second to none.

Like Barry Bonds, when you first considered signing Omar Visquel all the man has done since you had the good sense to sign him is make you look good. Please don't ever forget that.

Every Giants' fan cherishes each moment they get to see or hear (on the radio) an Omar Visquel play in the field. He is simply the best.

Shortstop is a position where you have to have the best glove and Omar fills that pre-requisite.

Please don't let his batting average get the best of you. Instead look to his fielding prowess and the intensity he brings to the park each and every day. The man displays one of the best attitudes I can ever recall, as a fan, when I think of a ballplayer's disposition. (And one should never diss-his-position because he's Cooperstown material.)

Sure, the Giants are an old team. But it's not Omar nor is it Barry who is failing to produce. The local scribes and talk shows have to have some fodder for discussion but they too know that Omar and Barry are players worthy of your consideration when it comes to deciding the roster for next year.

And, oh by the way, Omar has this career games at shortstop record he is approaching and it would sure be nice to see him do it in orange and black.

kevin marquez