Friday, June 8, 2007

This is the Giants' Kragen Home Run Inning

How long have the Giants had these gimmicks?

I recall Willie Mays hitting his 600th career home run off of Mike Corkins at Jack Murphy Stadium and in Lon Simmons' description of the home run he said '... and the Bye Bye Baby Bonanza!!!'

In this 2007 season I heard something that happened in the Kragen Home Run Inning that I will also never forget.
On a night when Dave Roberts hit his first homer as a Giant and against his former Los Angeles Dodger team it was for someone I am actually related to. My uncle, Manuel J. Marquez, was the name Jon Miller finally found the time to announce as the participant in the Kragen Home Run Inning. When I heard the name I can honestly say I got a good feeling and then Miller described Roberts' home run. It's a memory that makes me smile.

Anyone who listens to the Giants (on the radio) knows that every time the game enters the Kragen Home Run Inning, you don't know it's that inning until there are two outs and the batter who is swinging feebly at the ball has two strikes on him. You're trying to figure out what's going on because you just turned the game back on and just like that there are 2 outs. That's just the way this inning works.

And it works real good if the participant is someone you know.

kevin marquez