Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rest in Peace Rod Beck.....Shooter

Rodney Roy Beck passed away early Sunday morning on June 24, 2007. He was a guy who made a good impression on everyone who met him.

I never heard a bad word about him. That's a testament to the kind of person he was and these kinds of people are the ones we miss most when their time to leave us happens.

He had 286 saves in his major league career. His career best was as a Chicago Cub in 1998, when he had 51.
His best as a Giant was in 1993 when he had 48. Both times he was second best. (Second best in a statistical sense, because the man was always tops in the minds of those who met him in person.) In 1994 he won the Rolaids Relief award.

I remember the way he leaned over and his pitching arm would just swing back and forth as he looked in to get the sign from the catcher. He sort of had that Wild Wild West look about him. Like the batter just called him out and he was just about finished walking his 20 paces before turning around and firing. He had the scraggily hair coming out from under his ball cap and he sported a fu manchu, sort of in the Al Hrabosky vain, I suppose. (Although, Hrabosky's act was of someone about to go postal as he had a tantrum before each and every batter stepped into the batter's box. He'd step off of the mound, face the centerfielder, and begin talking to himself. And before he took his place back on the mound he'd slap his throwing hand into his glove like a mad quarterback breaking up a huddle of one.)

Shooter's style was more of a Western theme as he was about to draw and fire his next pitch past the batter.

I would like to thank all of those people who called KNBR680AM, the Sports Leader, to talk about their Rod Beck moments because people who give to others need to be recognized for the caring individuals they are/were. Outward kindness can never go unnoticed and to all of those who have been kind to me and made me feel like I belonged I want to say Thank you.

Thank you Rod Beck. You will be missed.

kevin marquez