Saturday, June 9, 2007

Bad one Brad

In an extra inning game last night (June 8, 2007) at AT&T Park there was a collision at home plate between the A's Mark Kotsay and the Giants' Eliazor Alfonso and Alfonso had to be removed from the game.

Benjito Molina had already been removed when a foul tip clipped the bicep on his glove hand so the Giants had to go to the boneyard to find the suitable substitute to play catcher. That player was Pedro Feliz. So now, with Rich Aurilia already in and out of the game, who plays third base? Why Randy Winn, of course.

Who fills Winn's spot in the outfield? No more extra outfielder's on the bench since Freddie Lewis pulled an oblique muscle so it was Noah Lowry inserted into right field and Dan Ortmeier moved over to center field.

The Oakland A's had something going after a leadoff double. But what was really the mistake was pitcher Brad Hennessey pitching like he was afraid Pedro wouldn't be able to handle his breaking pitches.

Yo Brad, you yourself are a converted fielder to pitcher. You should have best understood to just do YOUR job and not to worry about what someone else may or may not do. You soft tossed one to Shannon Stewart, when you had two strikes on the guy and he reached out and touched you for the game winning 2-run single.

Bad one Brad. Not trusting in Pedro. Pedro made a nice stop on one of your pitches that didn't quite reach the plate a pitch before and yet your body language was so bad, it was as if you didn't think he could do it again? It was you who was unable to do your job, ya bum!!

kevin marquez