Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2007 Giants have 3 Pitching Coaches, The One that Plays is Matt Morris

Noah Lowry has to follow a man on a mission in, fellow teammate, Matt Morris.
He's 6-5 as of June 12th, on a team that doesn't score a whole heckuva lot of runs so I'd say he was doing fine.

Baseball fans over time learn to appreciate pitching because they know nothing keeps you in the game longer than solid pitching. Dave Righetti, Mark Gardner and Matt Morris are keeping the young and talented staff of studs in line. One is leading-by-example while the other two veterans (Rags and Gardy) are so savvy just because of the kind of guys they are but they specialize in understanding the art of pitching -the craft- so well that I like the view from where I'm sitting.

Pitching and good defense. Omar, Pedro, Dave Roberts and Randy Winn taking away any opportunity for the opponent to gain momentum.

It is bothersome that some local hacks have so much say in what they think is going to happen with or to the Giants. (I'm guessing these guys shagged a lot of flies, lots and lots of flies because they were so bad at judging them all they ever ended up doing was run after balls hit near them. Some may have just stood still and waited until the ball stopped rolling before they "shagged.")

It's bothersome to think someone who spent so little time on the ball field and had littler success is magnifying the faults of those who made it to the big leagues.

I'm shutting off my cable television connection for a while. Not have so much of this is Howard Cosell... in my face.

Let's just watch and see and hope that what we are seeing is real and not something we're over-analyzing or seeing through a magic mirror of wishful thinking it'll happen. Seeing this team take Giant baby steps. Over and over, always one more time. Until this develops an overall mojo and little steps become Big Mo. Momentum.

Let's have some fun along the way.

kevin marquez