Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Real Problem in Baseball

The real problem in baseball is how the strike zone is interpreted by major League umpires.

On those days when the home plate umpire can't distinguish a ball from a strike, why not give the pitcher the benefit of the doubt and call pitches hard to decipher STRIKES!

Because the umpire calling balls and strikes is being fooled the pitcher should be rewarded with strikes being called, not balls. (Note: This is predicated on the notion that there will be days the umpire calling balls/strikes will have little difficulty in determining balls from strikes.)

If an umpire, say C.B. Buckner, is regularly butchering the strike zone he should not be given the opportunity to spoil a baseball game with his incompetence.

Kevin J. Marquez

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Diamonds in the Rough

A non-roster invitee to the 2017 SF Giants is right-hander Bryan Morris. A 6'3," 29-year-old who turns 30 on March 28.
Morris was the first pick of the L.A. Dodgers in 2006, 26th overall.
On the Marty Laurie show, KNBR680AM, February 25, Tom Hudson was a guest. Marty asked him who he liked and the name Bryan Morris came up. How he has a Mariano Rivera type cutter and how the Giants have had their eyes on this guy. When he became available the Giants pounced.
Something the fans have to know about the Giants' scouting and personnel department, they can spot the diamond in the rough. They don't go after the marquee name because an Andres Torres (to name drop) can contribute just the same.
(Note: A similar thing happened with Chris Marrero. As soon as they heard he was available, whoosh, there they were to snap him up.)

Brian Sabean has a stellar crew working for him. They spend on players they want to keep in the organization. This crew deserves some financial security for keeping the Giants ultra competitive. It sure makes me, a Giant's fan, feel secure.

Kevin J. Marquez

Friday, February 17, 2017

Aaron Hill You are the next...for the 2017 SFGiants

Remember the old Bob Barker "Price is Right?" The voice (Rod Roddy) that would call out the next contestant for the show? Well that's exactly how the Giants are handling this year's Spring training.

They are looking to make the most complete roster with utility players who have quality experience and hopefully still more to offer the game they have added so much to.

Aaron Hill, a name baseball fans are familiar with, especially Giant fans. He's hurt them as a member of the Diamondbacks. He was a first round pick for the Blue Jays, went to Arizona and last season with the Brewers. And I seem to recall him helping the Brewers defeat the Giants in the 2016 campaign last year.

With Jimmy Rollins, Michael Morse, Nick Hundley, and now Aaron Hill, the Giants are hoping to find a spot for these guys to contribute something to a team that can compete with the best the majors has to offer.  I am getting stoked.

Kevin J. Marquez

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Warm and Fuzzy

An interview with KNBR's Ray Woodson revealed that Nick Hundley is best friends with Mark Melancon. This is the kind of move that has to make Giant fans feel good about how this organization is run.

Newly acquired Hundley knows the National League (NL) West as good as anyone because he has spent his entire career in this division (San Diego and Colorado).  Sees an opportunity to join his pal on the NL West Giants and it's a done deal.

Pretty cool. The kind of cool that becomes warm and fuzzy at the end of September as the post-season enters October.

Kevin J. Marquez

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hope Springs Eternal for Pitching Staff

Prospects: RHP-Sam Coonrod, RHP-Joan Gregorio, LHP-Andrew Suarez (don't confuse him with Albert Suarez, who is coming off a respectable season as the Giants' fifth man.)

Something I noticed with the up and coming hurlers: Ty Blach throws left bats right (like Mr. Bumgarner); Kyle Crick throws right and bats left; Clayton Blackburn throws right and bats left. Reliever Will Smith bats right, throws left.

Top prospect Tyler Beede throws and bats right-handed. Just as Josh Osich and Steven Okert throw and bat lefty.
Newly signed David Hernandez may have something to show the team.

Kevin J. Marquez

Note: Once spring games are over the airwaves I will be taking notes and sharing insights.

2017 San Francisci Giants: Non-Roster Invitees and 40-man roster

Let's go to the familiar veterans in camp.
Jimmy Rollins, how much can he offer?
Nick Hundley, does he solidify the catcher position?
Michael Morse, can he improve enough defensively that we won't hold our collective breath every time he's in the outfield?
Justin Ruggiano, what say he?
Same for Kyle Blanks, Chris Marrero
 and Catcher Tom Federowicz and Josmil Pinto. Or is hot prospect, Aramis Garcia ready to burst onto the scene? Remember, the Giants scouts have an eye for the catcher position. What with Buster and Pablo Sandoval being drafted as catchers.

Could it be that Steve Duggar takes over an outfield spot. He's coming off a season at Richmond when he batted .321.  And perhaps Austin Slater shows he belongs. Or is it Christian Arroyo's time in the big show. Last, but not least, Jae-Gun Hwang will bring his talents from the Orient, something of a trend the major leagues has seen infused into their game.

Kevin J Marquez

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Not So Eager to Deal

When I heard Bobby Evans, Giant GM, on Radnich and Kruger he came off like someone who assesses and reassesses things before pulling the trigger. It is as if he knows the history of Chub Feeney (Crowds for Sadecki) and Spec Richardson (George Foster for Frank Duffy; Duffy and Gators Perry for Sam McDowell) and doesn't want to repeat those unforgettable blunders.

I came away from the interview feeling unless he gets something considerable in return he figures the team is better off keeping the player. He'd rather lose them to free agency than come out on the short end of a deal.

Kevin J. Marquez