Friday, June 22, 2007

You're a Bum, Not a Fan

Okay, we all know the Giants are struggling. But we're Giants' fans, so it's orange and black attack, no matter what.

And if you ARE a Giants' fan and you're fortunate enough to have tickets to a ballgame at AT&T Park there is something you need to know. If the ball is hit in the direction of where you are seated and you are situated in an area where the ball has a chance to be in play, IF the Giants are in the field, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!

Note: Baseball is a game of inches and it takes 27 outs for a complete game. If you're clueless-like actions prevent the home team from making an out, when they're on the field, you really should be removed from the game. Or at least booed incessantly by surrounding fans. Because you just made bum status. (Bum status never goes away. It's sort of an indelible mark that forever enhances your existence as a halfwit.)

So let's review...A true fan of baseball knows there's a game going on and it's not about just rooting for the home team. Those who show up sporting the latest orange and black fashions, as they sashay from aisle to aisle, wouldn't know enough to GET OUT OF THE WAY of a baseball because they're at the ballgame simply because it's sheik to be at the game.

Whenever someone interferes with a player's opportunity to make a play, they are NOT A FAN, they're an ignoramus ticket holder.

kevin marquez