Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Need My Giant Fix

When you are alone most of the time there has to be a way to utilize your time that activates your peace of mind.  Music is essential but to a penniless person it takes batteries to make your radio work. Using your mind to replay songs is a neat feature to have but it doesn't funcion well when you are seemingly surrounded by downtrodden, faceless people in the crowd.  It's as if something is touching a nerve and this causes the needle to lift off of the hot wax (33 1/3 or 45rpm record).

The AM or FM dial doesn't drain as much battery jice but the incessant overflow of commercials gets a little tired. So I keep the radio off and every now and then turn it on to gauge how long it'll be until Giants' baseball.

The Kruk and Kuip show, then the Bruce Bochy show are very informative and they get you in the mood for baseball. Updated information (Bochy) and ideas about where the team is at mentally (Kruk & Kuip).

Because the San Francisco Giants have such an accomplished group of announcers it's a pleasure to gleen as much knowledge as is possible for a game that has so many parts and places in which to put them. Do this you may get that, do that you may get this. Just don't try too hard!

Carlos Beltran. He first arrives to the Giants and knows all-too-well that if he can do what he did with the Houston Astros (2004). In his career, Beltran has hit 11 homers in 22 games. That's pretty clutch. Worth re-signing? I think so.

Upon arrival he hits the ball but seems a little out of whack. Something about his swing just wasn't getting the results he hoped to get when he chose to swing at the pitch.  Perhaps he was pressing a bit and in doing so he injured his wrist. Zim bam boom, he too hits the disabled list. 

He goes on the disabled list and begins to figure out what adjustments need to be made to correct his swing in a manner that eases the pain. 

Off the disabled list he joins the Giants in time to prepare for the upcoming 3-game series with the NLWest leader, Arizona Diamondbacks. In 11-at-bats he had 8 hits. The first two games he was not put out. (A stark contrast to Pablo Sandoval who had not reached first base all series.)

This was a good indicator that Beltran has something left in the tank. When it's crunch time this guy is glutch. Clutch Carlos (not to be confused with the cartoon that used the real lips, Clutch Cargo).

Listening to Carlos during an interview you can hear a well-spoken man who has a good idea of how to succeed.  He's a student of the game who has an approach to the game that is innovative and  thoughtfully planned. I just got the good feeling that this guy has learned well from his failures and knows ways to avoid going through the same slump over and over again.  If he thinks he can play 3 years, which is about the maximum years I'd consider, I'd re-sign him.

Kevin J. Marquez