Friday, June 8, 2007

Does Benji Molina need a name change?

Does Benji Molina need a name change? He's pretty clutch and a darn good hitter, is Benji too soft sounding?
I like the idea of tipping the cap to a former Giant catcher who I thought was the best all-around athlete who caught balls and strikes.

I'm talking about Benito Santiago. And to borrow some of the flavor of Santiago let's call our 2007 Giants' catcher Benjito Molina. (pronounced Ben-jeeto)

You know, back during the heydays of Creedence Clearwater Revival, on the album entitled Pendulum (1970), the one that introduced the song Have You Ever Seen the Rain, there was also a song entitled simply Molina. That would be an excellent selection for some background vibes when Benjito begins his walk to the batter's box. The repeat chorus in that song is: Mo-lee-eee-eee- eee- nuh, where you going to!

And there's Molina on his way.

kevin marquez