Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why is Everybody Always Picking on Pedro

Remember the old Coaster song, Charlie Brown? In the lyrics was the question, "Why is everybody always picking on me?" If Pedro Feliz has family that listens to the English version of the Giants' broadcast he would have good reason to ask such a question. Without having ever heard a syllable of the Spanish broadcast (SAP) I can guarantee that those broadcasters aren't as blunt in their descriptions of Pedro.

Whenever Pedro Feliz gets picked to do the post game show on the Giants' radio station (680KNBR) he always comes off as a bit timid. Is it possible he's gotten word, or heard himself, how the great Jon Miller attacks him with his vivid word description of how Feliz mindlessly swung at pitches nowhere near the strike zone? Miller's choice of adjectives are oft-times hilarious and were very much the fodder used by the unoriginal guy, "what's his name?," who got fired last season from his KNBR talkshow gig.

When it comes to telling it like it is, Jon Miller's the one you want at the microphone. He is the best at his craft and I am forever grateful to listen to his accounts of each game he's here to do.

In Tuesday's game on KTVU, Channel 2, during his broadcast with former hurler Mike Krukow (and he can hurl out the baseball phrase-ology with the best of them) as his sidekick, Miller was saying while in real life it wasn't a good thing to steal but in (the game of) baseball it was good to steal. That in fact, it is a blessing.

Think about that for a minute. That's pure genius and funny too! (I'm surprised the laughing Mike Krukow didn't refer to the Miller remark as a pearl.)

I enjoy the Miller play-by-play and wouldn't want to listen to anyone elses description if I had a choice but I have noticed over the years that he has a no holds barred approach to Feliz. Sure, he'll get on players from time to time but it's nowhere near the tenacity or sticktoitiveness he displays while he paints this virtual masterpiece in a way only the inimitable Jon Miller can do when Pedro Feliz is in the batter's box. The clarity is matchless, it's simply the equivalent of Hi-Def on the radio.

kevin marquez