Friday, May 8, 2015

Baseball has Zero Tolerance for Careless Behavior

The arbiters of baseball have their jobs because the game controls wreckless behavior because it represents health
hazards. It's up to the arbiters of the rules (umpires) to pay close attention to any shenanigans some mindless player sees fit to attempt because "anything goes" as long as your team wins, right? It is of  utmost importance that the umps put a player's safety first and foremost.

When the rookie for the Angels' was hit by his teammate's line drive (Matt Joyce) he was called out because the fielder did not have an opportunity to field the hard hit ball.

It's all about fair play.  If a runner goes out of his way to get in the way of a fielder he will be called out as well as the batter-runner.

(Note: It is an unwritten rule in baseball that you not say "I got it!" if you're running the bases and a pop-up happens in the vicinity of your whereabouts. That's also bad sportsmanship.)

Kevin J. Marquez