Thursday, October 10, 2013

Eyes Wide Shut is No Bueno Behind the Plate

Every article about every stellar pitching performance begins with the type of command the pitcher had, the sheer dominance. And I suppose, during the inception of what we now know to be baseball, when the game was getting its bearings straight(as to the best rules to make for the fairest competition) there may have been any number of things that aided and abetted a pitcher's sway. Some of which were most certainly not fair to the hitter but they were within the realm of the rules.

Back then and even moreso now I think how a home plate umpire fixes his strike zone throughout the game is paramount to the ultimate decision-making plays that take place in any outstanding pitching performance. Somehow, though, baseball wants the umpire to blend in with the background of the game. Which harkens back to the tired notion "if you don't notice him, he did a good job," which is every bit as belittling as telling a youngster, "Children should be seen and not heard!"

I just think that when you tune into a ballgame (on the telly) with all of the information the screen provides: name of teams, inning, score, number of outs,runner(s)on and the bases they occupy... why isn't the name of the home plate umpire there for ALL TO SEE? Isn't the home plate umpire a vital part of each and every baseball game? Let us once and for all recognize this person's significance. It may be the kick in the pants these guys need to take the initiative to improve their skills (abilities of determining what is or is not a strike) to a higher level than the mediocrity they are currently displaying a majority of the time.

Thank you and enjoy the games.

Kevin J. Marquez