Friday, November 11, 2011

Melky Cabrera

Trading Jonathan Sanchez to Kansas City for Melky "Leche" Cabrera probably for one season was not a bad move.

If you look at Melky's career with the Yankees, then Braves and Royals you almost have to ignore the numbers.  In New York everything is exaggerated into full-blown overrated.  But, his 2009 season, during the ALCS, he batted .391.  That's something all Giant fans need to file away as the 2012 season approaches.

Then you look at last year.  A year in which he had to rebound from his difficulties in Atlanta.  He hit 4-HR, 42-RBI and batted .255.  But I notice he had AB-454 and only 64 strikeouts along with 42 bases-on-balls.  It sort of reminds me of the year Pablo had when the Giants went all the way.  Everybody expects more out of certain players but they are only human.

Last year, 2011, Melky had 200 more at-bats than in 2010.  He hit 18-HR  had 87-RBI and 20-SB, with 201 hits while batting .305.  I think I'd rather have him battling for a spot in the outfield and or playing the outfield than wondering which Jonathan Sanchez shows up when it's his turn to pitch.

The Giants could still use some more help on defense and offense.  I hope this isn't all the moves they make.  For one thing, aside from assigning Barry Zito as the fifth man in the rotation, who will they pick up as insurance in case ole Barry struggles?

Kevin J. Marquez