Friday, March 25, 2011

A Team to Be Proud Of

I'm reading the sporting News issue dated 2/14/2011 about the National Hockey League's greatest teams and Hall of Famer,Bryan Trottier, said something that made me immediatelhy refer to the 2010 San Francisco Giants.

Said Trottier about his successful New York Islander teams,"It was just a group of guys who always found a way to win... Everyone chipped in on defense, made themselves responsible. It was a good time to be part of a great team."

Look up and down the Giants' roster and you will see familiar names but more than that you see a team that enjoys playing baseball together. This team knows how to win and will do whatever it can to put themselves in the best position to defeat their opponents.

They may not get the notoriety other players or ball clubs get but they know all too well that they are good enough and this may bear repeating. (Wouldn't that be something? Wink wink.)

When the 49ers won their first Super Bowl did they take their Lombardi trophy home, thank the fans, and bask in their glory? No way. They got down to business and when it was all said and done there were four (4) more Lombardi's to hoist above their collective heads.

My,your, San Francisco Giants aren't happy with ONE ring. They've got the ingredients for a flavorful existence no matter how torturous it may appear to some. They have a chance to surpass those Atlanta Braves' teams whose pitching staff got the best damn strike zone ever in major league baseball. (Although, much like the killer B's of Houston, once the post-season began neither the Astros or Braves got their favorable zones.)

Those of you fortunate to make it down to Scottsdale, Arizona enjoy your time in the valley of the sun. Take in all the positive energy because it's not something that will enrich or nourish you forever. It's your time to bask in the glory of fandom and your 2010 San Francisco Giants thank you, very much.

Mike Krukow says it was the fans who gave the team a second wind as they blew past their opponents for an 11-4 postseason won/loss record. You contributed, now enjoy the fruits of your labor.

And,oh yeah, GO GIANTS!!!!!!!

Kevin J. Marquez