Monday, June 11, 2007

We Needed That...

"Don't count us out yet." -- Dave Roberts, Giants Center Fielder Sparkplug.

Giants 4, Blue Jays 3. Matty Mo goes the distance. Barry Bonds goes the distance. Roberts swipes two bags, is a general nuisance at the plate and makes a balls-out catch in the top of the 9th, crashing into the "YAHOO!" sign on the left center field wall.

"YAHOO!" indeed.

The Day after Kevin posts up a piece about Complete Games and Wins, we get one of each from our stopper, the old man, Matt Morris. Thank you Kevin, thank you Dave and thank you Matt.

Of course, my wife is convinced that her presence at the ballpark tonight was the reason the Giants snapped the losing streak. I'm not taking any chances -- I'm trying to convince her that she needs to see about 70 more games in person this year.