Sunday, June 24, 2007

That's Baseball...

Wow. Giants win in dramatic fashion 6-5 over the Bronx Bombers in 13 innings to snap the eight game losing streak. Safe to say, it's been a painful stretch in a painful season. Is there anybody at all left on the Giants bandwagon at this point?

The Giants record now stands at 31-41. 44% of the season has been played. The Giants would have to win something like 59 of the remaining 90 games to get into the postseason. Hard to even contemplate that they'll do so, the way they've been playing these past weeks.

If the Giants had managed just ONE additional win per week over these first 12 weeeks of the 2007 season, they would be sitting atop the NL West, tied with the Madres for the best record in the National League. That's right, just one more win per week.

Just one more win per week. Just one more hit, one more defensive play made, and over time you're in a vastly different place. Baseball is like life in that way. It's not huge, wide-ranging changes but rather small bits of change, spread out through time that make the difference between first place and the cellar. Turn the battleship just a couple of degrees from its current heading and, over time, the ship ends up in much different location.

Craig and I will be out there at the yard this afternoon for the Giants/Yankees finale. I don't know if it will be moving the battleship in a different direction or anything like that, but it would be nice to get a series win, for a change.