Thursday, August 28, 2008

Randy Winn Baby!

How many of you fans still want to trade Randy Winn?

When Randy first came to San Francisco from Seattle the numbers he put up were almost like something never seen before. Except we all got to see Barry Bonds perform, so we had actually seen BETTER!

Not to take away from what Winn did, here's a looksee at the numbers Randy Winn posted upon his arrival in 2005.

AB-231 R-39 H-83 2B-22 3B-5 HR-14 RBI-26 AVG.- .356 in 56 games.

What he's done since August 1, 2008 is almost as noteworthy. I don't have the supporting numbers but I do know that at the end of July he was batting .279 and he has raised his average to .308.

He has currently stolen 25 bases, having been caught only two times this 2008 season. Atta boy, Randy Winn!

(thanks to Giants website)

Kevin Marquez