Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pablo "E.liminator" Sandoval

I don't want to jinx Pablo Sandoval by saying something about him because what he has done so far is impressive (like I did with Alex Let's Hear It for Hinshaw. Hinshaw does have some nasty stuff and I still believe he CAN be a quality arm for the Giants' future.) but I do have to acknowledge that the 20 year old has done well.

Pablo E. Sandoval was born in Puerto Cabella, Venezuela on August 11, 1986.
His major league debut was on August 14, the math, it's 20 years.

He bats from both the left side and right side.
He throws from both the left hand and the right hand.

I don't know what the E stands for, but based on his start out of the blocks, in the major leagues, I'll say it stands for Eliminator, due to the way he annihilates any possibility of the opposing team going 1-2-3, when it's Pablo's turn to bat. And it can also be thought of as a reference to the segment of the Comcast broadcast of Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow where Krukow draws stick men and goatees on every fan who Krukow thinks deserves some humiliation. But Giant fans can never lose sight of the fact that, as J.T. Snow and Duane Kuiper say, "He can hit."

I know it's early but hear are Pablo Sandoval's numbers through August 23rd (and he got 2 hits in 4 at-bats, with 1-RBI on August 24th)

Through August 23rd he was batting .571 vs. left-handers and .381 vs. right-handers.
At home he's batted .438
On the road he's batted .417.
During the day he's batted .267
At night he's hitting .615.

The Eliminator, Pablo Sandoval, so far has impressed the heck out of this Giants' fan.


A note around baseball.
The current Seattle Mariners need 17 wins, the rest of the season, to avoid matching the record of the one-year Seattle Pilots back in 1969. The team in 1969, coached by Joe Schultz had a won/loss record of 64-98. (Currently the Mariners are 47W 82L.)

The 1969 team (who became the Milwaukee Brewers the following season as they were the Seattle Pilots for one season only. The Mariners did not come into existence until 1977.) had some names that would be familiar to fans of baseball. Former Minnesota Twin and Oakland Athletic, Don Mincher, led the team in homers with 25. Former LA Dodger, Tommy Davis led the team with 80-RBI. Tommy Harper, originally a Cincinnati Redleg and a wanted man because he could get on base and then steal another stole 73 bags that year. Lifetime 408 stolen bases. (Harper played for: Cincy, Cleveland, Seattle-Milwaukee, Boston, California, Oakland and Baltimore. The trade that sent him to Boston included: Lew Krausse, Marty Pattin who also went to Bosox for Jim Longborg, Ken Brett, Billy Conigliaro, Joe Lahoud, George Scott and Don Pavletich.)

(thanks to Giants website and Baseball-Reference)

Kevin Marquez