Friday, August 1, 2008

No Habla Means I Did Not Know, to Some...For Shame (Nobody Signed Barry Bonds)

How ironic that in a season where it may appear to paying customers, also known as fans, that they aren't getting what they paid for (when entering AT&T Park) that a story about the Giant's Triple A club, has Fresno Grizzlies' pitcher Julio Mateo, being arrested for paying his cab fare with a counterfeit $100 bill.

According to a police report, officers later found other $100 bills in Mateo's room. As they approached Mateo, before saying a thing as to why they were approaching Julio Mateo, Mateo blurted out how he knew nothing about the hundred dollar bills. In the words of a schoolmate, Busted!

As a check casher I encountered this situation on several occasions. And in every one the customer claimed to "not know English" as if they misunderstood something I said or throughout the whole process of us calling the police (to come into our store and apprehend these "innocents") they begged for the bogus bill back.

This story about Julio Mateo is exactly what happened in every one of our incidents. The police know a few tricks to get the guilty to incriminate themselves so as to be implicated of a crime. Years of practice has taught them just how to set the bait and wait. How's the Wham song go... guilty feet have got no rhythm (or patience).


I just cannot understand why a team who says they want to win would not give Barry Bonds a shot to help them to the promised land. All the nonsense with Manny Ramirez being Manny is so tired and the idea that Manny dogged it just to get his way and he got it... I don't know why Barry is so disrespected. My only thought is that Barry has the respect of the players just not those anal retentive people with pens, known as writers. People who never knew what it was like to put on a uniform or were jealous of those who did, even if it went as far back as the athlete getting out of school early.

The Yankees, Rays, and La Russa's Cardinals (earlier in the year LaRussa gave us his 'I talked to the front office but...' statement, just so he could be "in the clear." Politics in sports, you must be leary of those who practice it because they are the ones who cause the congestion that turns into traffic that goes nowhere.

Writers have too much say if they can convince the Good Ole Boys of Baseball to avoid the plague that supposedly, to the hacks, is Barry Bonds.

It's a shame. If Ted Williams were alive he'd tell all the writers and people of influence what an injustice they were doing just as he did in his Hall of Fame induction speech. 'Cause all you hacks know the Splendid Splinter didn't care for your conduct since you weren't out there between the lines giving it your all like you were sucking down the sudsy libations and choking down cigar after cigar. Your blurred perspectives somehow got some Good Ole boys' attention because you've been riding that cab, at their expense, ever since.

What is truly unfortunate is that even though the Big Leagues goes out of its way to kiss the African-American's buttocks -what with the retirement of Jackie Robinson's jersey number (42) and posthumous inductions of Negro League ballplayers- the fact still remains that the BIG LEAGUES is still very prejudiced over who it takes care of and who it could care less about.

For shame, major league baseball. Not allowing Barry Bonds to play any more because your narrow-minded, short-sighted GOOD OLE BOYS colluded to keep Barry from doing something he loved. You kept a man from something he did better than most because you couldn't stand the fact that he was so good he didn't have to kiss your buttocks, whatever color ('cause I'm sure there are other ethnicities besides the lily white variety).

Kevin Marquez