Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tyler Walker To Most Fans is The FLUSH

Mike Krukow, former pitcher who is currently the Giants' television broadcaster and contributor to the post-game Wrap, refers to Tyler Walker as the Bulldog or Polar Bear 'out there on the mound.' Not me. All I can think of -when his name is announced- is the FLUSHing of the toilet. Because it's time to relieve myself.

Robb Nen had "Smoke on the Water" piped in over the loud speakers upon his entrance. Perhaps it's a bit of a takeoff from the movie Major Leagues. Whenever Ricky Vaughn was called upon for relief the song Wild Thing (by the Troggs...I prefer the Jimi Hendrix version) was played. Shortly thereafter, many pitchers took note and picked a song they felt best described them on the mound.

Tyler Walker doesn't deserve the right to make a choice. His efforts make this fan, yours truly, think the Polar Bear should hear the sound effects of several toilets flushing as he approaches the mound. Lose the name of Polar Bear because he's Tyler "the FLUSH" Walker. When he toes the slab, the Giants' chances of staying in the game or remaining in the lead generally get flushed down the drain.


In blogging baseball, a weekly section of Sports Weekly, the August 6-12 edition talked to a blogger about the Colorado Rockies. One of the questions was: Are you embarrassed by the quality of the NL West? The answer: The folks who should be embarrassed are the front offices: The Diamondbacks for trading Carlos Quentin, the Padres for not realizing you have to score runs to win games, the Rockies for not reinvesting all the extra ticket money last year's run brought and the Dodgers for persistently shooting themselves in the foot despite much greater financial resource.

A page over is MLB report. Power rankings.
At #27 is the San Francisco Giants. It merely states: scored fewest runs in baseball in July.

No mention of the Giants only proves nobody expected much from the orange and black. That's why it is imperative the Gigantes come out of this season with a couple of every-day players out of it and it looks like they got their closer. No longer is it Brian Wouldn't It Be Nice Wilson, it's Brian Don't Worry Baby Wilson.

Finally in the Giants' minors watch it mentions something about Garrett Broshuis, 26, had won six consecutive decisions for Class AA (Norwich) Connecticut before suffering a loss Sunday. He fell to 12-7 with a 3.60 ERA in 22 starts. Last year at Connecticut he went 3-17 in 26 starts despite a respectable 3.88 ERA.

What it didn't mention was that Garrett Broshuis is a part-time columnist for Sporting News who just so happened to face David "Big Papi" Ortiz during Ortiz' rehab stint and struck out Big Papi.

As it says in the Sporting News...for more of Garrett Broshuis' experiences in the minors, go to

(thanks to Sports Weekly and the Sporting News)

Kevin Marquez