Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Areas in Need of Improvement

The San Francisco Giants are teetering in that unbalanced area of 100 losses. And it wouldn't be too tough to find areas of their game that need improvement.

*The Giants' pitching staff leads the National League in walks (a.k.a. bases on balls) issued.

*When facing opposing pitchers, the Giants' staff has to be the worst at getting him OUT! I am unable to find such a statistic but lately Giants' radio play-by-play voice, Dave Fleming, has been all over the subject. Repeatedly and full of angst saying how he can't remember when he's seen a staff have so much trouble getting the opposing pitcher out.

*The Giants have scored the fewest runs in the National League.
*The Giants have hit into far more double plays than they themselves have turned.

But they did sign their top picks in the 2008 Amateur draft.
The players they've shuffled back and forth from Fresno to San Francisco have shown some promise. AND, their pitching staff, aside from the walks allowed (which has a couple of determining factors) has proven formidable and with some run support could catapult the team sooner than later toward winning more frequently.

(As for the walks, I have this uneasy feeling that 50% of these league leading walks is due to some umpires and their unbelievably inconsistent strike zone. Also, if you factor in this thing about making "rookies" pay, like only umpires can do and seem to have a whole lot of fun doing- as measured by their body language- I believe you have the bulk of your free passes. If the Giants' pitchers are issuing more walks it also means that when it is the Giants' turn to bat, their players ARE NOT getting the same strike zone as their opponents. The team has tried out several first timers this year, all subject to the rookie treatment. Just another reason to let an ump have it when you attend a ballgame, ya think?)

Kevin Marquez