Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Repeat Performance

Since the acquisition of Rajai Davis (#28 on your scorecard), from the Pittsburgh Pirates, for the embittered Matt Morris, he has turned a few heads.

If, and it's a big IF, Rajai can do what Randy Winn did, a couple of years ago, then this bad season indeed has its silver lining. With Winn also in the outfield, adding Rajai would mean the orange and black would have two-thirds of its outfield in position for years to come.

That with the pitching, after a year of Bruce Bochy seasoning, has the Giants leaning in the right direction.

Not too many people have given Bruce Bochy the slightest hint of a compliment this year, but the former catcher knows pitching, as do Dave Righetti and Mark Gardner.

Ask Noah Lowry what he thinks.

As a fan, my only question is WHY have there been so many 0-2 pitches clobbered against the Giants???????? Why are the Giants so unwilling to challenge the hitters with an 0-2 count, if they cannot spot their pitches?

The announcers seem to be enamored with the idea that the pitcher had poor location because the pitch was nowhere near the glove. Word to the broadcasters, just because the pitcher didn't hit my glove didn't mean much. Some catchers didn't give a target of any kind and the game went on as usual. So to blurt out how the pitcher was nowhere near the target is mindless babble.

Kevin Marquez