Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Props to Pedro Feliz

For the most part the only press Pedro Feliz gets is usually negative. But the fact is he fields a damned good third base and doesn't miss games due to illness and or injury.

His versatility is invaluable. He's capable of playing third base, first base, outfield, shortstop and if needed showed he can handle the tools of ignorance as well.

And he's also a pretty good insurance policy when playing in front of #25, Barry Bonds, who is NOT the liability some like to say he is but still, having Feliz in front of him makes a difference.

Feliz is also good for 20 homers and 70 runs batted in.

So all of the "no think" comments about #7 are valid but you could find fault with every player if you tried hard enough. We sometimes forget the good some players do and I just wanted to say, "It's okay if you flail away, Pedro Feebaliz (pronounced Feeble-eeze)...All hitters go through those tough spells. I appreciate your glove and that you are usually there for roll call."

Kevin Marquez