Friday, August 10, 2007

Charley Gehringer on Mickey Cochrane

After last season, when Mike Matheny got a foul ball off of the noggin that gave him a concussion in which he was unable to return. I came across something Hall of Famer Charlie Gehringer said about Hall of Famer Mickey Cochrane and I don't ever recall hearing anyone ever attribute his lack of ability to him getting beaned. That is, untill I read this piece on Charlie Gehringer. As if someone just figured Cochrane was getting up in years and his skills naturally eroded.

You know, back in Mickey Cochrane's day, the trainers weren't as well educated as they are now. In fact, many players played in spite of what the trainers prescribed, if you know what I mean.

(from Baseball ..Hall of Famers Tell it Like it Was)

Mickey Cochrane was super leader when he was playing but after he got beaned and had to manage from the bench he didn't call them quite so well because he wasn't close enough to the scene.

When Mickey was managing from behind-the-plate, I can't ever remember him ever fouling anything up. He made snap judgments that seemed to always work, especially in 1934 and 1935 when we (Detroit Tigers) won two pennants.

After he became bench manager it seemed like he weighed everything a little more, and you can't do that in baseball-in politics maybe, but not in baseball-you've got to jump into things or you miss your chance. And after Mickey got hit in the head, it seems like we missed more chances.

Kind of makes me think he never quite got over his concussion.

Oh, by the way, a young boy born in Commerce, Oklahoma was named after Mickey Cochrane.
He would go on to hit 536 home runs. His name, Mickey Mantle.

Kevin Marquez