Friday, August 17, 2007

Danny Ortmeier

What happened to Freddie Lewis? Or Nate Scheirholtz? (Apologies to Nate, if I misspelled his surname. I'm feeling a bit Dan Quayle-ish. Wanna bet ole Danny Quayle'd hurt himself trying to spell Nate's last name?)

I'm getting the feeling the Giants' brass likes the switch-hitting Dan Ortmeier. Having him play at first-base and the outfield says they're finding a way to get him the every day lineup.

I like it. Gives US a chance to see some youngsters acclimate themselves to the rigors of major league baseball.

Something good will come out of this dismal season. I'm not about to give up on Bruce Bochy. He's too good of a manager. The same goes for Brian Sabean and staff.

Kevin Marquez