Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Go Out on a High Note

In what can be described as a disappointing season, wouldn't it be something if the San Francisco Giants can pull it all together and finish this 2007 season on a high note?

After last night's off key, terribly sung National Anthem, which heard a cacophony of boos, and rightly so, the Giants were able to muster up a couple of hits together with another solid pitching effort from their starter (Barry Zito) and solid bullpen work by Brian "Wouldn't It Be Nice" Wilson and their closer, who is on a bit of a roll (sans the lettuce and tomatoes), Brian Hennessey.

Mixing young with old is somehow working now when it wasn't working before. The top of the order has been productive with Dave Roberts and Rajai Davis and I guess the ball is finding holes it wasn't finding from April thru July. And while the hits are mysteriously finding areas on the field where fielders are not positioned and perhaps even more important than that serendipitous revelation is now when the opponent hits a scorcher it's finding a Giants' glove .

The 0-2 pitches are still killing the Giants but they too have been feasting on opponents' 0-2 servings.

I guess it had to figure, in the long baseball season it wouldn't always go the way of the Giants' opponent.

Go Giants!!

Kevin Marquez