Friday, April 21, 2017

The Milkman Part Two with 2010 and 2014 Serendipity?

We all remember the splinter that got stuck in our collective throats when we learned that Melky Cabrera got caught when he was tested for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). How Buster gathered the troops and they got to kicking some tail? Well, fast-forward to April 21, 2017, and this team has to show the baseball world, once again, what happens when a team pulls together and gets a little something for the effort.

Madison Bumgarner gets injured dirt biking. Okay. It's not like he was 4-0 with an earned run average under two runs. He's a bit like the Giants' version of Kevin Durant. Now the Giants can show they can win without him. What? No wins when Bumgarner pitched? Hmm. The similarity is that we know he will do what it takes to come back on time and perhaps even earlier. And when he returns it will be in time for the second half. Think of what a weapon that will be!

Imagine how electrified the locker room and AT&T will be when he returns. Like Durant, right?

Now is this when the Giant brass adjusts its Active Roster in order for Tyler Beede to get called up to fill Bumgarner's spot in the rotation. And maybe even the hot-hitting Christian Arroyo gets his chance. Much the same way young stars named Buster Posey (got his call-up in 2010) and Joe Panik (in 2014) joined the big league club and contributed significantly.

Move Eduardo Nunez into the outfield and put Arroyo at third base. Come on Giants, the time is NOW!!

Kevin J. Marquez