Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Kyle Crick is Ready for Bullpen Duty

There are many people who believe the way to break a pitcher into the bigs is to season him and work on his finer points to see how he matures as a starter. But not all players are cut from this tried and true method of molding a prospective starting pitcher.

After last year's horrific bullpen experience, when relievers were unable to get outs for a starter who got the game past the 7th inning with a two or three run lead. That much of a cushion should have been darn near automatic for the bullpen. But the beauty of baseball is you have to execute because in the truest of phrases Yogi Berra ever uttered, 'It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over.'

During spring training Kyle Crick showed the demeanor of someone who can be successful in the bullpen. No nonsense shut down stuff and boy could the Giants use a guy like that out of their bullpen.

I don't know who the odd man out might be, Matt Cain? But we have games that need to be won in April and May.

We need someone with tenacity who is looking for any way to crack the Major League team's lineup. Kyle Crick is that guy.

Kevin J. Marquez