Monday, May 1, 2017

Bochy Botched Sunday's April 30th game

Watching Ty Blach mow through the San Diego Padres was beautiful. Three up, three down. Innings one through seven, Ty Blach was masterful.

Then as the eighth inning began there was no Ty Blach. Did he get a blister? Why wasn't he allowed to start the 8th? Dammit,if a pitcher is going good you don't do the other team a favor by removing him from the game.

Sure enough, in the 9th, up steps former Giant Hector Sanchez. And it was set up to break the hearts of every Giant fan. Bang, zoom, game tied off of Mark Melancon. Ole melancholy Melancon giveth the lead to San Diego,never again to be re-gained. 

And then in the 12th inning George Kontos served up a nice and juicy pitch for Will Myers to deposit into the left field stands. 

Kevin J. Marquez