Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Why was Willie McCovey the Rookie of the Year in 1959?

I always wondered why Vada Pinson didn't get the Rookie of the Year. Because when you look at the numbers it is a no-brainer.

1959 (Vada Pinson)  G-154, AB-648, R-131*, H-205, 2B-47*, 3B-9
                    HR- 20, RBI-84, BA-.316, SB- 21,CS-6

1959 (Willie McCovey) G-52, AB-192, R-32, H-68, 2B-9, 3B-5, HR-13,
                      RBI- 38, BA-.354

Currently rookie status applies to any player with fewer than AB-130
or IP-50 or 45 days on a major league roster in a previous season.

In 1959, fewer than 75-at bats or 45 innings pitched in a previous

McCovey won the Rookie of the Year award on a mere technicality, Vada Pinson played too much. He had 96 at-bats versus 75 at-bats.

Nobody else had a good enough season to give McCovey any competition.

Kevin J. Marquez