Monday, October 4, 2010

Nice Acquisitions Added by Sabean

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants!

A tip of the cap to the players and to general manager, Brian Sabean, for adding the necessary ingredients to a team that needed a little of this and a little of that to get over the HUMP.

When you look up and down the roster you recognize Pat Burrell and Andres Torres as genuine steals. Cody Ross and Mike Fontenot (whose beard is as scary as anyone's on the Giant roster) have been contributors as well. And this is big because when you are traded to a team you want to feel a part of that new team and all of the above have most definitely contributed and will continue to do so in the post-season.

But the Giant bullpen really came together as the season wore on when San Diego's well-used bullpen ran out of gas. Acquisitions such as Santiago Casilla, Guillermo Mota, Ramon Ramirez and Javier Lopez added to an already reliable corps.

And although Jeremy Affeldt had an off-year, you almost had to expect it since last year was an unbelievable season. Sergio Romo had a unsettling start but he has pulled it together to be a very solid addition. And Brian "Don't Worry Baby" Wilson, what can you say other than the guy is the heart and soul of the bullpen.

A bullpen that pulls together is one that is easy to root for. And Brian Sabean gets kudos for the trades he didn't make and those ones he did pull off. The chemistry on this team is special and you have got to believe because they believe in one another that anything is possible.

First opponet in the 2010 post-season, the Atlanta Braves. What d'ya say Giants' fans, let's put a kibosh on that oh so tired tomahawk chop.


Note: Pat Burrell was born on 10/10/1976. Sunday is his birthday. And the date will read: 10/10/10. Are the stars aligning or what?

Kevin Marquez