Friday, October 22, 2010


After listening to Mac (of Murph and Mac KNBR-680AM notoriety) tell his story of some selfish dame telling him the "way it is in Section 315" of AT&T, I had to say something. Whether you agree or disagree is not an issue nor is it the point. But that someone felt the need to express themselves in a selfish manner annoys me to no end.

Rules are an established practice that serves as a guide to usage. That being said, no rules should be given to you by a female because she is never expected to follow them the way she expects you to adhere to the letter of said "law."

The female will tell you her interpretation of the rules and emphasize how you must follow them to the letter and that it'll be to your benefit. She will convince you (as well as herself) knowing full-well the letter of the law never applies to her. Afterall, it's her and every other woman's prerogative.

Rules are established to set guidelines so that careless and or selfish acts can be limited as much as is humanly possible. Rules for how one should behave at a playoff game must take into consideration the overall big picture of how others choose to enjoy themselves.

If standing and cheering and even the occasional heckle are offensive to you you must ask yourself, honestly, What type of behavior did you expect?

Are you contributing to everyone's enjoyment or are you a detriment. A stick in the friggin' mud!

Nobody needs to be in the company of drunk and disorderly people but just the same nobody needs to hear how they should behave before the fun and frivolity begins. Don't tell someone this is how it is, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? If you prefer things to be controlled without celebration perhaps you should stay home and watch the game, by yourself, on television. (I'm pretty sure I speak on behalf of every fan who jumps up to high-five anyone around them willing to reciprocate the love you're ready, willing, and able to share.)

Post season events don't happen all the time. We as fans have to have the freedom to express ourselves. As long as we aren't being disrespectful of those around us by shouting F-bombs or throwing things onto the field why not let people do what they feel like doing.

People who have the audacity to approach someone with their rules really need to stay home.

And oh yeah, GO GIANTS!

Kevin J. Marquez