Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Could it Be?

Looking over the post-season numbers being posted by former Willie McCovey award winner and former San Francisco Giant catcher, Benjie Molina, I can't help but wonder what it would be like if the Texas Rangers advance to the World Series and the Giants keep getting stellar pitching and enough timely hitting to meet Benjie's hot-hitting teammates in the Fall Classic.

If Benjie Molina or Josh Hamilton aren't the hottest hitters on the planet then the Giants' Cody Ross must be that guy.

To think, the Giants merely tried to block the San Diego Padres from getting Ross and look how fortunate that shrewd move has worked in the Giants' favor. Brian Sabean, you rapscallion! Bet you didn't think the move would turn out so good, did you?

Benjie vs. Tampa Bay: AB-14, R-1, H-5, HR-1, RBI-2, BA-.357
vs Yankees AB-12 R-3, H-5, HR-1, RBI-5, BA-.417

Cody vs. Atlanta AB-14, R-2, H-4, HR-1, RBI-3, BA-.286
Cody vs. Philadelphia AB-9 R-3, H-4, HR-3, RBI-4 BA-..444

Wouldn't it be something if the Giants face Benjie's Rangers? You remember the last time the Giants reached the World Series, it was against Benjie's California Angels. Is history likely to repeat itself in that Benjie's team will come out of the World Series as the 2010 champions?

The Giants still must win 2 games and the Rangers one more. With All-World pitcher-Cliff Lee- on the hill (in at least one of the remaining games) it looks pretty good for the Texas Rangers.

Giants still need more timely hitting and stellar pitching from their talented staff to snatch victory from the jaws of the- twice defeated -Phillies.

Could it be...needs a couple more nights and at least 3 more games to play out.

Kevin J. Marquez