Saturday, March 24, 2007

Your San Francisco Giants Announcers

Jon Miller is the best announcer going today. Bar none, he is the most known and his insight is priceless which means the Giants should keep him until he doesn't want to do this gig anymore.

Mike Krukow, Mr. Catchphrase and Duane Kuiper, a player who gets more out of one home run than anyone on planet earth are very down to earth and make the game fun to listen to on the radio.

You hear other teams' announcers and you think they are auditioning for the job. One key to announcing is the home run call. That's the announcer's signature. Catchphrases are also things you reference the "voice" to, as with Krukow's familiar grab some pine meat or Kuiper's you're killing me... These may illicit smiles but they also remind you who it is on the mike.

Who are your favorite play-by-play announcers and why?