Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Barry Show

Game #2 Giants vs. Rangers

Barry Zito finishes warming up before the start of the game.

Barry Zito started for the Giants and pitched four full innings. He didn't look real sharp, but still managed to notch three strikeouts. Barry Bonds launched another absolute BOMB that cleared the right field "Salty Pavillion." The Giants beat the Rangers 13-9 in a game that featured plenty of offense, but pretty sketchy pitching.

Todd Linden was the batting star for the Giants, going 3-4 with a single, triple and homer. Feliz looked absolutely lost at the plate in three flailing at bats, but then cracked a sharp double in the fifth. He looks pretty much like the Pedro we all know as opposed to "Pedro 2.0 -- now featuring more plate discipline."

I'll say more later about this game, but the burning "prediction" question of the Spring amongst our posse has emerged: "how many games is it going to take Bonds to break the record"? That was the subject of much heated discussion yesterday during the game and at dinner afterwards. Watching Bonds in these two Spring games, he looks good. He's right on the ball and just mashing it. He looks (arguably) a bit slimmer. Still, some of our crew think he won't get the record until well after the All-Star Break, whereas other guys think he'll go on a tear and get it much sooner.

So, there's the question on the table: how many games into the season do you think it will be when bonds passes Aaron? Our crew's estimates ranged from Game #74 to Game #100.