Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pie in the Face Awards for 2007 MLB season

Inspired by the incredibly inconsistent officiating of the National Basketball Association is the
idea that this year I will be paying close attention to the umpiring that goes on in the Major Leagues.

Based on the descriptions and accounts of those games listened to on the radio or viewed on television, I will be awarding those umpire crews whose blown calls changed the outcome of the game (due to their being out of position or by not being willing to admit one of their crew members was out of position to make the proper call, consistently inconsistent strike zone interpretation that favors one pitcher over another, or just because the nature of an umpire's microscopic fuse, or incorrigible behavior was enough for the broadcaster to have an opinion of the man in blue. (Note: an ump who almost always appears like he cannot wait to toss a player, manager or coach from participating in a ballgame has a bullseye on him and it's a reputation he himself has earned. This ump will no doubt qualify for many pies in the face.)

Because the major league umpires are probably the best in all sports, it is likely that a "pie in the face" is NOT awarded every day.

I want to be as light-hearted about this as possible and hopefully bring some laughs to the daily grind of baseball's 162-game schedule. I somewhat borrowed the idea from the Three Stooges, because when they had enough or wanted to let someone have it, it was pie in the face time.

I encourage all the contributions I can get to make this as funny as is humanly possible.