Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Expect Things A Certain Way

You and I expect things certain ways. If other things take the place of what we have come to expect then we ask, "How can this be?" in a most befuddled manner.

Reality has a startling way of smacking the bejeezus out of you, doesn't it?

Now when I speak of those baseball players whose home field is AT&T Park some might immediately burst into an outrage because of the stank that has been emitting its foul odor since mid-May of 2013.

There is an Orange and black funk that has become an epidemic. And I know for many folks it's contagious following baseball no matter how bad the team you root for is playing and continues to play. But I propose we do something else with our daily lives.

Those of us who can.

Those who can't, best of luck listening to announcers who come off as very lackluster and seemingly disinterested. (Of course, there is the possibility of me hearing them as such. Perhaps they may think they are sounding like someone who is very interested in what is going on. Unfortunately, after watching the baseball they have been subjected to- BECAUSE IT IS THEIR VOCATION- a job most people wouldn't mind having, our Giants broadcasters have become exposed to a "whatever the hell you want to call it" epidemic.

It is running rampant in the City by the Bay and for all of those people who take great joy in wearing the cap of any other major league club other than the orange and black continue laughing, smiling, cajoling, etc., anything that makes you feel like because you are wearing a hat other than orange and black this contributes to the STANK of the 2013 Giants campaign which makes the scent of low tide unbelievably refreshing.

We all expect things to be a certain way. You win and you lose and it is how you play the game. But how the Giants are playing the game of baseball is atrocious. Just plain brutal, in that they are far too generous in their abilities to give away runs on defense and then they leave their teammates stuck on base when it's their turn to bat.

Those who wear hats other than the hometown colors is something they feel the need to do because perhaps they don't get enough attention in their miserable lives. Only, right now, it is me who is miserable because my team, the lid they aren't wearing, is stank!

Kevin Marquez