Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This 2013 campaign is like a two-headed Greek Mythology called Clay-Bro Ker-yoyo!

Left-hander Clayton Kershaw and Right-hander Bronson Arroyo have an ownage over the San Francisco Giants like nothing I have ever seen or heard of before this season. It's the most unlikely, unbelievable, Greek Mythology type of episode that keeps playing out as a painstakingly haunting tragedy with absolutely no moral decency whatsoever.

Children raised to be Giants' fans have to be looking at this two-headed monster in horrifying disbelief. What a way to break into the great game of baseball having the likes of Arroyo and Kershaw dominating in the one-sided fashion that they have been accustomed to (when facing those dressed in orange and black colored uniforms).

This two-headed monster has nowhere near the same effect over other major league teams. That's not to say they don't fare well when facing other teams because they have made very good careers in major league baseball. Unfortunately, they don't dominate like they do when facing their favorite team of prey, the San Francisco Giants. The San Francisco nine are a mere target for the two-headed monster to try new things out on, before facing tougher more formidable foes.

When I listen to a game broadcasted between the Arroyo-Reds or the Kershaw-Dodgers it's really sickening. I get the feeling the real Giants' players were replaced by clones who were made to look and dress like ballplayers but are incapable of producing anything remotely positive in the way of run support for their unfortunate, un-armed, and underdog pitcher.

This season has revealed how the World Games was just too many innings for the professional ballplayer to endure, a Panda who knew he had one more year on his contract in which to get into playing shape and this two-headed monster that shall forever rule the orange and black must be destroyed before children have no other choice but to change their alliance to the team their parents had hoped they would follow.

It is up to the general manager and his collective group of scouts to come up with a solution to overthrow the great two-headed beast. When such a force effects the allegiance of our youth it is time for something super to override this impending e-vil.

Something has to be done to de-throne this 21st century version of DaVinci's sketch of an allegory of Pleasure and Pain as a two-headed man, known as: Clay-Bro Ker-yoyo!

Kevin J. Marquez