Thursday, June 27, 2013

Not Yet at Rock Bottom

The 2013 San Francisco Giants on June 27 are still falling into the abysmal spaces of Never Never Land and will continue to do so until they play a mistake free game and come out on the winning end.

Last night, with Tim Lincecum on the mound and doing an admirable job their world was sent spinning into a bottomless pit of errors and overall bad baseball.

In the bottom of the 6th inning Lincecum got the lead-off hitter, Mark Ellis to hit a grounder to Pa-bloated Sandoval at third base. Sandoval snatched the wicked hop and then threw a bouncer to Buster Posey at first base. Buster is not a first baseman who excels in digging out low throws. Pa-bloated is a player who has to take the shoe shiner's word for it when he asks if his shoes were shined. He had time but for some reason hurried his throw to first and instead of one out no one on base it was runner on base NO OUTS.

Then the catcher, Hector Sanchez, got into the act. Ellis broke for second on an outside pitch to Sanchez, in essence a pitchout, and Sanchez just dropped the ball. Later in the inning, when Andre Ethier also broke for second, Sanchez exhibited a puss-armed throw that floated like a butterfly before it bounced in front of the fielder attempting to catch and tag the on-coming runner. Sandwich a couple of hits and 3 runs are scored. The last one on a wild pitch by Lincecum, who once again got no defensive support from his fellow 8 players. The wild pitch was a case of Tim Lincecum trying too hard to make what wasn't working work.

I think it's time to stop listening to Giants baseball. Take a break, get away from the orange and black. Go on a sabbatical. Learn to do a Tibetan monk chant. I need a new hobby. Not root for a sport where the umpires or referees have a hard time not being homers. Where tag plays and fair/foul calls are relatively easy providing you put yourself in a position to make the call. As for the strike zone, I need a break from, "he's got a small strike zone tonight." Or "seems the strike zone is shrinking." And on and on and on with the descriptions of someone who just doesn't know a strike from a base. A bat from a ball. Easy is made difficult and difficult is "throw in the towel."

Goodbye June. How about "Goodbye Pablo." We can't take your gross negligence on keeping yourself in shape and the instant some other club shows an interest in you we are getting a suitable substitute from that club to replace you. Similar to when the Giants bid farewell to Matt Williams and we got Jeff Kent in the deal. Let's shoot for the moon and if we miss we will still hit a star. Know what I mean?

Perhaps I'll get back into baseball for July. Maybe not.

Kevin J. Marquez