Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Damn Giants, Snap Out of It!!

Angel Pagan goes on the disabled list after aggravating his injury hitting a game-winning inside-the-park home run at AT&T. The way to get on the DL, if ever there was "a way."

Ryan Vogelsong foul tips one off his throwing hand and injures his pinky finger.
Marco Scutaro would also have a thrown ball by the opposing pitcher clip his pinky finger, on his glove hand.

Santiago Casilla had some surgery to clean out a cyst of some kind on his leg. Which leg, I couldn't tell you. When I looked up the Giants website and asked for an injury update I got the New York Yankees on some fantasy website.

I'm telling you this time of year is nonsense incorporated. We fans are seeing why the Giants had those currently playing due to the numerous injuries, are not starters. Players like Nick Noonan, Brett Pill, Juan Perez and now Tony Abreu are only here to take a little of the heat off of the starters.

Andres Torres seems to have picked up the pace. Brandon Belt, what can you say about this guy. He seems to get opportunities but his at-bats are adventures I don't think the average baseball fan either feels entitled to or wants anything to do with.

Joaquin Arias rose to the occasion last year when Pablo was put on the disabled list, one of his annual assignments.

Pablo Sandoval, I saw where Scott Ostler had something referring to Pablo's weight and I was interested in his follow-up but for some reason, like the injury report, that too is not available. (In the article it mentioned "we" the readers, would find out on Tuesday. Today is Wednesday and still no follow-up to his half-assed article.)

Ramon Ramirez, Jose Mijares, Jean Machi and Sandy Rosario all need to do their jobs. Pitching will always be the key to this team and with Vogelsong and Casilla still weeks away the Giants cannot, or rather would prefer to not have to, keep going to Triple A, Double A or even Single A to acquire help for pitching innings.

If the pitchers don't snap out of their season-long funk you can kiss this season goodbye. See George Kontos.

Listening to Jon Miller and Dave Fleming when the going gets tough is appalling and hardly informable. I don't need the obvious stated to me when something goes wrong. When Tim Lincecum is giving up hits that are being "muscled into the outfield" and then one of his outfielders misplays a ball that rolls all the way to the fence I, as a listener, would say it wasn't meant to be for #55. He surely didn't get any help from his defense. And it's not like the Fire Department was notified about the explosion their offense created in Pittsburgh, June 11th. I don't know if the umpire was squeezing him because it has become such a common occurrence I don't think the announcers know a strike from a ball on any given night, and they may feel like they've gone to that well one too many times.

Yes, it is frustrating and infuriating to hear the ESPN constant replays of Sport blurbs when the NBA doesn't have it's championship series live over the radio for all to hear. The same mindless banter about how Lebron is not doing something and two virtually unknown Spurs ripped the nets with 16 or so three-pointers. And if I kept it on KNBR, 680AM I would have heard the same lame callers, that call damned near every night and the usually scheduled KNBR employees telling me something I already know.

There's No way out of this asylum, you know?!? And now with the NHL featuring two of the original 6 teams, is there a radio station where I can get the play-by-play rather than go to some over-priced sports bar where the people don't know "lighting the lamp" from Aladdin's lamp?

Damn Giants, snap out of it! Time for Tony Abreu to earn a spot on the roster, as well as the aforementioned pitchers (Ramirez, Mijares, Machi and Rosario). I don't expect much from Pill, Noonan or Brandon Belt even if Belt does have a proclivity for hitting late-inning homers that significantly change the outcome of a game. Gee, I just convinced myself to just endure Belt. Don't expect any more than you've gotten so far. It doesn't seem likely to get any better. Just good enough to wonder what it would be like if Belt could get red hot. But that would probably be better served in a Sleep Train commercial, I suppose.

Kevin Marquez