Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Debacle in Vertical Stripes Overridden by Memory of Giants

I'm sure it's just me. But I have an incomprehensible time digesting games decided by an official's ability or inability to make a call they were hired to make. I don't know (shaking my head). The futility of it all still stings like an infected sight-challenged bee running into me ass-first.

The 49ers had a similar thing happen to them at RFK against the Washington Redskins on January 8, 1984. They fell behind 21-0 and then it all started to click into gear. No more grinding or setbacks. And in what must have seemed like the blink of an eye it was 21-21.

Meanwhile, throughout the game, Mark Moseley was giving good cause for why kickers are so isolated from the team. He missed wide and he missed short. He missed again and again. But when it was all said and done he did kick a 25-yarder for the game winner. Redskins-24 49ers-21. And oh yes, there was an interference call on Eric Wright that was phantom.

The phantom call is the only difference between that game and the 2013 Super Bowl (#47). The 49ers didn't get the phantom call as it remained oblivious to the stripe shirted hack who must have felt like he was in someone else's dream because he was looking elsewhere (in one of the camera angles).

But then again, we have the San Francisco Giants. A team that found a way to come from a 0-2 deficit in Cincinnati, and a 1-3 deficit vs. the beloved St. Louis Cardinals. To have the opportunity to face the big bad putty tats from Detroit. And what happened? They swept the Motor City Kitties in four games.

Ah yes, we have the GIANTS/GIGANTES to help us get over the Super Bowl Forty-Seven debacle in vertical stripes (that involved our Forty-Niners). Something all fans look forward to, Springtime in Arizona, which leads us to the 2013 campaign. Because this team is on a roll!

Go Giants/Gigantes!

Kevin J. Marquez