Friday, February 8, 2013

What Pablo Will We Get in 2013?

“These modern analysts! They charge so much. In my day, for five marks Freud himself would treat you. For ten marks, he would treat you and press your pants. For fifteen marks, Freud would let you treat him, and that included a choice of any two vegetables. Thirty dollars an hour! Fifty dollars an hour! The Kaiser only got twelve and a quarter for being Kaiser! And he had to walk to work! And the length of treatment! Two years! Five years! If one of us couldn’t cure a patient in six months we would refund his money, take him to any musical revue and he would receive either a mahogany fruit bowl or a set of stainless steel carving knives. I remember you could always tell the patients Jung failed with, as he would give them large stuffed pandas.”
― Woody Allen, Getting Even

Will the Giants and their fans get a large stuffed panda this year? One thing is for sure, he cannot break a hammate bone any more. So no time on the disabled list for that freakish injury in successive seasons.

Something tells me Pablo grew up a lot last year. He saw his importance to the team and I think he'll be ready to have a breakout season.

You recall in the 2010 World Series he was benched for World Series hero Edgar Renteria. So even when he's not in there he is a link to significant gains with the orange and black.

As far as where he plays, third or first base, will depend largely on Brandon "baby giraffe" Belt. But that, like all prognostications remains to be seen.

Looking forward to 2013 season.

Kevin J. Marquez