Friday, January 25, 2013

Tim Flannery and the Lunatic Fringe's Song: 21 Days

Andrew Baggerly wrote an article on this terrific song. Here's the link:

I tuned into Murph and Mac on Wednesday morning, January 23, 2013, and I heard a song for the ages. "21 Days" by Tim Flannery and the Lunatic Fringe. As he was answering questions from Brian Murphy he and his mandolin strumming partner went into song.
Andrew "Bags" was good enough to supply some of the lyrics (in the same aforementioned article):

“I knew the odds before us/And I didn’t stand a chance/Jokers started smiling/Queen of hearts danced her dance/Over in the corner/The barkeep offered up last call/All I need is a little hope/When my back’s against the wall.”

“We slammed through Cincinnati/And in Missouri we had to show/ That every breath we ever take/Has a purpose if its own/In Motown we found magic/And together we grew strong/21 days that forged is through/Our backs against the wall.”

For all the Giants fans who appreciate the lyrics in a song this is the one you must purchase. Flannery says the song is even more enthusiastic with electric guitar. I can imagine. I heard it totally acoustic and he may as well have been playing misty for me, 'cause there was a fog a formin'.

All pubs need to purchase this tune. You say you're a Giant fan? Then this is a must play. Hear this song a couple of times and you'll be singing "GO GIANTS/GIGANTES!"

(thanks to Andrew Baggerly for having the timing to jot his thoughts down about something creative and awe inspiring from the two time World Champion third base coach, Tim Flannery.)

Kevin Marquez