Friday, July 6, 2012

You Ever Notice...

You ever notice how the panic button becomes readily available when the team you follow begins to find creative wins to BLOW leads?  Ever notice how everyone has a remedy?  Ever want to just take a long walk off a short pier? (I've got my Andy Rooney on and I can't snap out of it!!!)

Is it panic attack time?

What happens now to Santiago Casilla?  Well, in his defense, he has been starting out rocky but seems to find his groove-just in the nick of time- and usually makes pitches to get out of the mess. That is, providing the defense catches the ball and throws it (preferably on a fly and within reasonable distance from the bag) to their teammate for the force or tag play.

Marty Lurie, the lovable talk show host before Giant games on the weekend called it.  He "tweeted" on Wednesday how the series with the Gnats reminded him of the 2012 opening series in Arizona. Bullseye Marty! Everything about that series spelled out S-W-E-E-P.

And think about it, when we go up against the Pirates of Pittsburgh, they will be the fourth team in-a-row the Giants would have faced who was in first place in their division.

The Giants just have to weather the storm and brace themselves for 2012 major league baseball. As for Casilla, Bochy has this thing about going with the hot hand. He certainly does it with the hitters/fielders. The same has to be true of the relief pitchers. You have to demand consistency or that player rides pine. If Sergio Romo is 'hace calor' then he gets the nod. If Casilla is 'muy frio' he sets up Romo. I don't mean to get all WWF on you but Bochy has to remind these guys to know their role. 

Perhaps I can say it best by borrowing from a classic rock n' roll tune of the 1970s.
In the words of Jagger/Richards:

There's a fever in the funk house now
This lowdown bitchin' got my poor feet-a-itchin'
Don't you know the deuce is still wild?
      Baby I can't stay, you got to roll me and call me
the Tumbling Dice..
      Got to roll me (keep on rolling)
      Got to roll me (keep on rolling)

(inspired by the Rolling Stones)

Kevin J. Marquez