Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Even New Breed Tends to Stray from the Guidelines

In yesterday's San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants game, Giant shortstop, Brandon Crawford was robbed of hitting a double when the first base umpire decided to stick his nose into the game and call Crawford out for missing first base.

Replays showed that Crawford "clearly" planted his foot on the bag as he kicked it into gear to take another base for his team lead in doubles.

The rule of thumb is that you have to be absolutely sure that you positively saw the foot "miss" the bag for you to consider even making such a call. But the rookie decided he had seen enough and barked incorrectly that Crawford had missed the bag. How could someone miss a call when they were 100% sure they saw it? Optical illusion? Or could it be, he just wanted to get his name mentioned on ESPN?

The umpires today are such egomaniacs that it wouldn't surprise me, in the least, to think the guy may have made his call to get some recognition. I mean some umps have to feel like they're offensive lineman, right?  They do all the work and it's the quarterback or running back or wide receiver who gets all the applause. What satisfaction does an umpire get when nobody knows his name?

A job well done isn't enough for some of these attitudes in need of adjustment. But one thing is for sure, Giant fans know the umpire's name is Jordan Baker.

Knowing the rotation of the umpires,per each series, the ump who calls first base does the plate the following game. So Mister I-Need-You-to-Know-My Name will be calling balls and strikes with Madison Bumgarner facing Edison Volquez.

Will Baker be professional enough to own-up to his error and call a good game or will he squeeze the Giant shortstop?  I always listen to the game on KNBR-680AM so I'll hear it via the Giant broadcasters.  We shall see...and stay tuned.

Kevin J. Marquez