Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 20, 2010 at Chavez Ravine was the Best Game This Season

The umpires are bumbling their responsibilities of knowing the rules and putting themselves in a position NOT to miss a call.

Beginning on Sunday and showing up in both the Monday and Tuesday Giant/Dodger games.

The finale at AT&T Park versus the New York Mets, when a home plate umpire said he thought the catcher made a good attempt and tagging the baserunner therefore it was enough to rule the runner out. He never said he saw the catcher tag the runner, because the position he was in would not allow such a thing to occur. So he takes the second best stance, as appalling as it sounds, which was to reward the catcher simply on effort and not execution.

The Daily News reported that Major League Baseball may take action on (Phil) Cuzzi's actions. The article also went on to mention that Cuzzi Wuzzy missed a call in last year's American League Division series between the Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees. Said the News, 'he ruled that what would have been a double was called foul even though it clearly landed in fair territory.' Guess it's one of those calls where the ball hits chalk but ole Cuzzi Wuzzy thought it hit the wrong side of the line.

Hear what Ray Ratto said when asked what he thought of Cuzzi's call on Sunday? "I like bad calls. I wish we had more of them."


The Giants know the way to get into the cabeza/head of one Matt Kemp. The athletic, graceful Dodger usually seen diving for balls in the outfield- and for the most part gets to them- can be had if you give him a little chin music.

Pitcher's should look into keeping this guy honest with the occasional "effectively wild" tactic.

In the game on July 20, I found it ironic that Dodger fans were booing until they were rendered hoarse when it was Dodger legend, Don Drysdale, who was the conductor/maestro in the school of Arts known as Chin Music. The Dean of this school was former Giant/Dodger hurler, Sal "the Barber" Maglie. Bet you can guess why he was called "the barber," now that you know he was the Dean of Chin Music?

Pitchers throughout major league baseball should take a lesson in this based on the outcome of the game. Giants down 5-1, stormed back into the game only to overtake the hometown Dodgers.

A team pulls together when something of this nature takes place while a team of individuals panics and cries "Can we get some help?" from the umpires.

Kevin Marquez