Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Head's Up for the Second Half

(from an article on Roy Halladay by Tim Keown in ESPN mag earlier this year-2010)

There's an old baseball bromide that a pitcher, any pitcher, owns the advantage his first time through a new league. According to the theory, hitters need time to ascertain tendencies and patterns, allowing pitchers to get outs until the hitters complete their dossiers and adjust. Statistics show this to be patently false, but baseball is starting only now to value statistics over bromides.

Seems Buster Posey didn't take too long to figure something out. Or is it just that he has a good batting eye and has the patience of a savvied veteran?

How about Madison Bumgarner? He being the one with the advantage. Does he use this advantage to his benefit and help himself and his team have the better chance of winning games?

Does Manager Bruce Bochy stop fiddling around and make decisions that WORK??!!

Does Pablo shake the sophomore jinx and give ALL Giant fans a reason to cheer for the Panda?
Even those silly looking sorts wearing the Panda hats won't look so dorky if the Panda raises his average close to .300 and begins to bang the ball.

The Giants start with 4 at home versus the Mets and then go to Chavez Ravine for 3. They need 5 wins, more wins would be better still.

Fasten your seatbelts, GIANT/GIGANTE fans, we're about to take the ride of 2010. Speed limits won't be enforced. Or as the Most Interesting Man in the World likes to say, 'Safety third. Stay thirsty my friends."

Kevin Marquez