Monday, May 17, 2010

Zito Not Listed in Cash for Clunkers Article

An article in ESPN magazine by Jason Catania lists some players who were signed to big contracts and haven't really panned out. Neither of which is Barry Zito.

Say what you want about Barry Zito but the pitcher doesn't miss his turn to pitch.

Eric Chavez, a former teammate while on the Oakland A's has had injury problems since signing his 6-year deal in 2004. He was on his way to a Hall of Fame career until the back injury ruined all hopes of entering Cooperstown.

Vernon Wells signed for $126 million in 2007 with the Toronto Blue Jays and hasn't really set the baseball world on fire since.

Travis Hafner, a designated hitter for the Cleveland Indians, in his two full seasons since he got his big deal the Indians have averaged 73 wins.

Carlos Lee of the Houston Astros did hit 26 homers but Houston's 3.97 runs per game in 2009 was its lowest since 1992. Another case of having nice numbers but not really contributing to team wins.

Barry Zito is 6-1 so far, which is to say when he or Tim Lincecum pitch it's usually WIN day for the San Francisco Giants.

(thanks to ESPN mag for the information)

Kevin Marquez