Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Que Pasa Panda?

Do we get in the panic mode now that Pablo"the Panda" Sandoval has gotten himself into the worst hitting funk he has ever faced in the major leagues? Or do we have faith "the Panda" will figure a way out of hitting into double plays or swinging at the pitcher's pitch?

He's always going to go after pitches out of the strike zone. That's part of the Panda charm. He has to stick with his approach and concentrate on not "fishing" after pitches that may serve him better if they are taken. Discontinue the need to swing at these types of pitches, which in the baseball vernacular are "pitcher's pitches." Swing at "pitcher's pitches" and you are helping out the guy who is TRYING TO GET YOU OUT!

Enough Pablo, stop helping the pitcher out. It's all about you and your teammates. Do what you can to help your team. You going back to the dugout to ride some pine isn't helping anybody in that dugout unless you just touched 'em all.

His defensive play has not faltered after beginning the season making enough errors to make one think his nickname would be changed to Yogi's little friend. You know, the other bear who wore a tie, the little guy Yogi called BooBoo.

The Panda will work out of this funk. He's got too much ability to not figure out a way to be more productive. I just think when Freddy Sanchez returns and Nate Schierholtz gets moved out of the 8th slot (in the batting order) things will come together. Aubrey Huff, Benji Molina and Juan Uribe will have a say, in this matter, as well.
(Note to Giants' fans...with Aaron Rowand you just hold your breath and are thankful for any production he may provide. And so far, all is well with Aaron.)

As long as the pitching continues to do well and noone gets hurt the hitting will succeed more than it did last season. It's a long season. Which might explain why broadcaster Duane Kuiper likes to reference the word "torture." Says Kuiper, "Torture, but in a good way." Which translated merely means the Giants are finding a way to win these torturous games.

Kevin Marquez