Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who's the Right Fielder for YOUR 2010 San Francisco Giants?

In the Contra Costa Times, Andrew Baggarly asked the question, Who Will Man Right Field?
Randy Winn's heir apparent Nate Schierholtz or Baggarly's reference to Giants' manager Bruce Bochy appearing more willing to take a chance in right. Says Bochy, "The angles are a little different, but right field is right field."

Reading between the lines, Bochy wants the hot bat in the lineup. So we fans of the Giants might see John Bowker start, get his 3 at-bats and then Schierholtz will either pinch-hit and enter the game or replace Bowker outright. As you'll recall, Nate Schierholtz was very proficient in his ability to come up off of the bench and swat at whatever the opposing pitcher was offering.

In other Giant news of note...

While hosting for Gary Radnich on the KNBR 680AM show (9am-Noon) Ray Ratto (a guy I like to refer to as Blotto) says the Giants will win 85 games. Three less than last year. His logic is that you don't improve as much as the Giants did last year and continue to improve. It just doesn't happen.

So all you Giant fans with high hopes, 'Snap out of it. What are you thinking? The great Ray Ratto says IT CANNOT BE DONE.'

To hell with Ray Blotto. The Giants defense is said to be not as good as last year but their offense should be better. If someone is playing a heinous defense, which is literally quite offensive- for the opposing team I suppose, you know the Giants' brass and Bruce Bochy won't let it happen for too long.

It's all about the pitching doing well and staying healthy. IF that happens, and that is a BIG if, I see at least 90 W's.

(thanks to Andrew Baggarly and Ray "Blotto" Ratto for their input)

Kevin Marquez